Can’t wait for your first day at book180!

Just like most colleges, we operate on a semesterly calendar. But it doesn’t matter if you start during the Fall or Spring semester. You’ll get the full 180 syllabus either way.

Our copywriting and art direction programs consist of 20-weeks of classes.

We also offer a 2-week complimentary finishing period where we finish up your book together, and start the process of building your personal brand!

Our portfolio program is 6 months total, (180 days) from start to finish.

We accept applications on an ongoing, rolling basis and admit students twice year.

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Our copywriting and art direction programs consist of 20-weeks of classes.

We also offer a 2-week complimentary finishing period where we finish up your book together, and start the process of building your personal brand!

The semester is 6 months total, (180 days) from start to finish.

We accept applications on an ongoing, rolling basis and admit students twice year.

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Important Dates

2024 Schedule

Fall 2023 Semester

Application Deadline is Closed.

Classes: October 2nd, 2023 - March 15th, 2024

360 Period: March 18th, 2024 - March 29th, 2024

No Monday classes on Martin Luther King Day
1 week off for Thanksgiving, 3 weeks off for December Holidays/New Years

Portfolio Launch Party: Friday, April 5th

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Spring 2024 Semester

Applications Due March 1st, 2024.

Classes: April 8th, 2024 - September 13th, 2024

360 Period: September 16th, 2024 - September 27th, 2024

No Monday classes on Memorial Day
3 weeks off for Juneteenth and July 4th

Portfolio Launch Party: Friday, September 27th

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2024-2025 Schedule

Fall 2024 Semester

Applications Due August 14th, 2024

Classes: October 7th, 2024 - March 21st, 2025

360 Period: March 24th, 2025 - April 4th, 2025

No Monday classes on Martin Luther King Day
1 week off for Thanksgiving, 3 weeks off for December Holidays/New Years

Portfolio Launch Party: Friday, April 4th

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Spring 2025 Semester

Applications Due March 3rd, 2025.

Classes: April 14th, 2025 - September 19th, 2025

360 Period: September 22nd, 2025 - October 3rd, 2025

No Monday classes on Memorial Day
3 weeks off for Juneteenth and July 4th

Portfolio Launch Party: Friday, October 3rd

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From day 1, we wanted book180 to help dismantle the price barriers that other portfolio schools have made, that prevented students from entering into the business.

Because we’re completely online, we have the ability to price ourselves VERY competitively. Your tuition isn’t going towards a lease, the cost of heating and air, or copy paper. It’s going towards what really matters: amazing, industry-renowned instructors, incredible networking connections, the software you need to build your portfolio...and that’s about it!

Our advertising portfolio program tuition is


That’s our completely all-inclusive price. No additional fees.

Also, during your semester, we encourage you to volunteer for 10 hours at any organization that’s meaningful to you, and we’ll give you a $300 tuition credit at graduation. Because we believe putting good energy into the world is important for growth.

What’s included in the cost of tuition?

For a 180-day intensive semester, you’ll get:

20 weeks of book180 classes, plus a 2 week finishing period called the 360 period.

For a 180-day intensive semester, you’ll get:

Networking events & access to the world’s top creative directors and recruiters.

For a 180-day intensive semester, you’ll get:

An Adobe Creative Suite membership for your entire semester.

For a 180-day intensive semester, you’ll get:

An online portfolio debut, where your work will be sent out to thousands of industry contacts around the world.

For a 180-day intensive semester, you’ll get:

Entry to student award shows like The One Club Young Ones, D&AD, etc.

For a 180-day intensive semester, you’ll get:

Free monthly inspirational guest speakers, panels and workshops.

For a 180-day intensive semester, you’ll get:

Online game nights and raffles.
Some fun book180 swag.

How else does book180 help students get jobs?

Career services includes:

An industry mentor to help you network and transition into the agency world.

Career services includes:

One-on-one career coaching and career placement assistance in the form of: international portfolio debuts, personal job counseling, salary guides, mentor pairings, and interview and networking training.

Career services include:

Job board postings and personal career placement assistance even after you graduate.

Payment Plans

1 Installment


1 lump sum payment of $9,950 payable via check or credit card

2 Installments


2 payments of $4,975 payable via check or credit card

6 Installments


6 monthly payments of $1,659 payable via check or credit card

If our tuition price is still a barrier for you, please reach out, and we can create a unique payment plan for you.


Portfolio programs have historically been a barrier to entry for many aspiring advertising creatives.

We designed book180 to be part of the solution, by taking the whole portfolio school model in a new direction. What you get is a completely online, international classroom structure, groundbreaking student support programs, and an attainable timeframe that allows you to work towards your dream job without quitting your day job.We also offer several scholarships a year that we encourage you to apply for.

Please check back for Spring 2024 Scholarship offerings!

The Global 180 Scholarship

If you’re an aspiring copywriter or art director living internationally and facing barriers to attending a traditional portfolio school, do a global 180 with us. We’re offering one full scholarship to an international student who wants to kickstart their advertising career by attending book180's 100% online program during our Spring 2024 Semester. Application deadline is March 1st. Must have applied and been accepted to book180's Spring 2024 Semester prior to applying for the scholarship. For more information or questions, please email

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The One Club Carolinas Scholarship

We want to help open ad agency doors for more young creative talent. This scholarship will provide $500 in tuition assistance towards book180's Spring 2024 tuition or one Spring 2024 Skillshop Class for one aspiring copywriter or art director from the Southeast United States. Preference will be given to creatives from the Carolinas. Application deadline is March 1st. *Must have applied to book180 prior to applying for the scholarship. Email for more information.

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Amy C. Taylor Foundation Scholarship

The Amy C. Taylor Foundation will award a $2500 scholarship to one female student who has been accepted to attend the book180 program for the Spring 2024 semester. Sarah and Amy worked together at EnergyBBDO in Chicago, and Amy truly was a ray of light. She had a huge smile, loved animals, was a kind coworker, and cared about advocating for women in advertising. Her memory lives on in those who knew her, and her foundation was established to provide scholarships to women as they pursue their advertising dreams. Application deadline is March 1st. *Must have applied to book180 prior to applying for the scholarship. Email for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About book180 and our programs.

What is a portfolio and why do I need one?

Creative advertising has a different hiring process than a lot of industries. You can provide your resume and GPA to show your work ethic, but agencies hire you based on how you think. And although it’s not always fair, the industry is very fast-paced, and doesn’t invest a lot of time into training junior employees. They want to know you can create great work on day 1 of the job. That’s where portfolio schools, and your portfolio, comes in. 

A great portfolio consists of about 6 interesting, smart campaigns. Each campaign should solve a brand problem, or position a brand in a new light for consumers. There’s all kinds of technical things that recruiters look for, like brand activations, digital solutions, and cohesive user journeys, but the biggest thing they look for are big ideas. 

We’ll teach you how to get to that big idea, and help you build a portfolio of work that shows everyone what the inside of your brain looks like.

Can I build a book myself?

Yes it’s possible, but it is challenging, and can take a very long time. We’re very honest with our prospective students. If we think your current portfolio is strong enough to get a junior position, we’ll tell you that! We’re not going to waste your time or money.

It’s hard to build a portfolio yourself. The best campaigns are created when writers and art directors work together, with the guidance of a great creative director (aka your teacher!)

At book180, we’ll give you the briefs and structure you’ll need to develop an instinct for what makes truly great work. We’ll also help you make the connections you need to get a job after graduation.

It’s a time vs. money decision. We’ll get you the competitive portfolio you need to start your career in just 6 months. Why wait?

Other portfolio programs are 1-2 years, is 6 months really enough time?

We changed the model for portfolio school after seeing first-hand that strong, smart, creative portfolios can be made in a shorter period of time. We’ve strategically developed our curriculum to provide you with all the best resources and instructors, so you can focus on working really hard and pushing yourself for 180 days. 

We schedule regular portfolio check-ins with you throughout the semester, and touch base with instructors weekly to ensure all students are on track. As a team, we will all help you build out your best ideas into a professional portfolio in half the time of other programs. 

Email us at to get a full curriculum.

What creative programs do you offer, and how do I know which one is right for me?

We offer an art direction and copywriting program. In both tracks, you’ll work with partners, think of cool ideas, and work really hard. But art directors focus a little more on the visuals of the ads, and writers focus a little bit more on the words. You can learn more about each of the tracks in the Programs section of our website.

How do I know if Art Direction is right for me?

Do you love art and photography, but haven’t found a job where you can use that skill creatively? Do you spend a lot of time making things? T-shirts, doodles, photographs, paintings, illustrations? 

Art Direction is for you! Get in touch with us to learn more about the program and hear from art directors in the industry.

How do I know if Copywriting is right for me?

Do you write short stories or poetry, or did you love to as a kid? Do you spend time crafting the perfect instagram caption? Do song lyrics or jokes live rent free in your head?

Copywriting is for you! Get in touch with us to learn more about the program and hear from copywriters in the industry, like Sarah! 

What level of advertising experience do I need to attend?

You do not need to have previous advertising experience, or have majored in advertising in undergrad to attend book180. We provide you with the skills and expertise to craft a portfolio and make really smart ideas come to life for brands. 

Many students are career changers, some have worked in advertising, but maybe on the account side, and several are coming right from undergrad. Whatever your background may be, if you are ready to push yourself for 6 months and immerse yourself in the industry, you will leave with a strong book.

What does the time commitment for book180 look like?

Classes are in the evenings Monday-Thursday, as all of our instructors work at agencies during the day. You will be in class around 12 hours per week, and have about 15 outside-of-the-classroom hours dedicated to working with partners, creating your campaigns, and the occasional guest speaker.  

book180 consists of 20 weeks of classes, with a 2-week complimentary finishing period.

Can I work while in the program?

We’ve designed the book180 curriculum so that people who’d like to keep their full-time job during the program can. All of our classes are in the evenings, and we don’t have classes on Fridays or the weekends. It will be A LOT of work for 6-months. But, with the right time management and support, you can do it! (Also, check with your job, some of them offer education benefits to partially cover the cost of your tuition!) 

What will my portfolio school experience look like being remote?

Since we’re fully remote, we have students and instructors from all over! You may have a class live from New York on Monday, and live from Buenos Aires on Tuesday. It was important to us to ensure physical location wasn’t a barrier to acceptance. You shouldn’t have to move to a big city to build a great portfolio!  

All of our classes meet live on Zoom, and you’ll meet with your art director and copywriter partners on Zoom or FaceTime. Since classes are live and meet consistently, you’ll quickly develop a fun, casual repertoire with your classmates and instructors. And if you’re in the same city, we encourage you to meet up in-person! 

We’ve worked super hard to make sure book180 feels inclusive and together, even though we’re all over the world. We host monthly trivia nights, movie screenings, Quiplash and more! In-person portfolio reviews and beach parties are also on the horizon.

What materials or software will I need?

A computer
    Mac is preferable, but not required
    At least 16GB, and for Art Directors, 32GB would be ideal
    A processor of 2.4 GHz or higher
A reliable internet connection
A favorite notebook and pen for brainstorming and note-taking

That’s it! We provide all of our students with the Adobe Creative Suite for their 6-month program. We also provide students with CommArts subscriptions, entry fees for award shows, and industry-leading support programs.   

Do you offer any financial aid or scholarships?

We’ve done our best to offer competitive and affordable pricing for our students. 

All students who apply for the Fall 2022 semester will be entered into a drawing for our New Direction Scholarship, which is a full-ride scholarship to book180. 

We also offer quarterly and monthly payment options to help. 

If price is still a barrier to entry for you, please email us and we can work towards a solution.

How do I apply?

You can apply here. After we receive your application, we’ll set up a phone interview to get to know each other better! Students can apply for either the Fall or Spring semesters on a rolling basis.

About getting a job in the advertising industry.

Will book180 help get me a job in the advertising industry?

Our number one goal at book180 is to help students land their dream job in advertising. We have a 2-week finishing period (called the 360 period) where we help perfect every student’s portfolio and make sure they’re ready to be seen by top industry professionals. 

We offer career services for every student who finishes the program, which include: 
- One-on-one career coaching
- International portfolio debuts, personal job counseling, salary guides, interview training
- Job board postings and career assistance, even after you’ve graduated!
- An industry mentor to help make connections and transition to agency life

How do you help with making connections?

We personally pair our recent graduates with an industry mentor whose interests align (agency, location, personality, etc.) to help with networking, and bridging the gap between portfolio school and agency life. 

Our instructors are all top industry professionals who are based in major cities and amazing agencies across the globe. They are hands down our best asset in helping students make connections. 

Our weekly job board sent out to book180 grads and alumni provides smart leads to jobs and recruiter + creative director connections. 

book180’s guest speaker series introduces students to inspiring creatives worldwide, while keeping you up to date with industry trends. 

We are there for you for your entire career in advertising. You can always reach back out to us if you’re looking to move agencies, move to a different city, for advice, for anything!

Where are your agency connections?

Worldwide! With over 20 years of combined experience in advertising and portfolio schools, we’ve cultivated lasting relationships with agencies across the globe. The benefit of being online is also having top creative instructors in major cities all over! To name a few - New York, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Buenos Aires. 

We’re committed to fostering our agency relationships and are always looking to make new connections.

About the advertising industry.

What's it like to work as a creative in advertising?

Honestly, it’s one of the most fun jobs you could ever have. Imagine an office where you’re surrounded by like-minded friends, and your job is literally to hang out with them and think of fun ideas. There’s a lot of joking and laughing, and there’s a lot of variety in the week. Some days you’ll be building an Instagram campaign. Other days, you’ll be helping to pick music for a TV commercial. You might get a chance to work with famous actors, or visit LA to be on a production set. 

And you’re making work that feels valuable. You aren’t just building spreadsheets all day—you’re creating things that people see out in the world. You’ll help change people’s minds about brands and nonprofits and important issues.

It’s fast-paced and stressful at times, and there are hard deadlines and late nights. But we think the industry is quickly evolving to see that creatives need downtime to recharge, and that mental health is just as important as physical health. We want to help set the bar for creative support at book180, so that when you get into the industry, you know how to advocate for your needs and be your best creative self.

What is a typical salary of an advertising creative?

Junior-level (0-2 years): $45,000 to $60,000
Mid-level (3-5 years): $60,000 to $75,000
Senior-level (5-7 years): $75,000 to $99,000
Associate Creative Director (7-10 years): $100,000 to $140,000
Creative Director (10+ years): $140,000 +

Is being a Copywriter or Art Director a stable career choice?

Creative problem solvers will always be needed, even during recessions, and pandemics. It’s hard for a machine to replace the need for innovative, culturally-relevant solutions. The skills you learn at book180 are skills that can be applied to so many industries. Writing and graphic design skills can be applied to advertising agencies, branding agencies, internal marketing departments of any company, city councils, non-profits, and more. It’s also an easy career to continue at with freelance, through life changes like moving to a new state, starting families, personal illness, caring for parents, etc. 

If you’d like to talk more about anything above, or have any other questions, please reach out! We’d love to chat.