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So you’re majoring in advertising, and you’re starting to hear that you might need this thing called a “portfolio.”

Or maybe you're majoring in something completely different, and just realized you’re not sure what you’ll do with your degree. Perhaps you're having trouble landing your first job after graduation. Whatever your reason for being here, we know the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time and money going back to school.

We’d love to help you transition from college to your dream job.

We’re the perfect curriculum for a summer career boost, or even a gap-year program to determine if advertising is right for you.

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Career Changers

Boy oh boy, have we been where you’re at right now.

It takes a lot of courage to look for a new career, and kudos on taking the first step! We’re so glad you’re here.

You’re not about wasting time, and neither are we.

Our curriculum is designed to help career-changers like you build a portfolio and find that dream job faster. Half the time, in fact, of other schools out there.

And because all of our classes are in the evening, you can continue working at your day job while you do a 180 with us.

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Ad Clubs

We'd love to set up a meet & greet with your AdClub.

We can talk to your club about any topic that you’d like: the different jobs you can have in advertising, how to break into the advertising industry, the best campaigns in the world right now, what a student portfolio consists of, and more!

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Advertising Agencies

Our biggest goal at book180 is to develop a whole new ecosystem of agency-ready creatives that YOU can hire at your agency!

We’d love to partner with you to get your agency in front of our advertising students.

Partner with Us

Here are some of the ways we could help each other out:

Agencies Can:

Have your employees participate in an online panel or guest speaker session.

Agencies can:

Have your employees teach or host a class at book180.

Agencies can:

Work with “upperclassman” creatives in our real-life pitch apprenticeship class.

Agencies can:

Attend our bi-annual portfolio reviews to find fresh talent!

Agencies can:

Send us a job listing to share with our students and alumni.


If you’ve found yourself wanting to give back to the industry, stay inspired by the energy of starry-eyed young creatives, and, sure, do a little talent scoping, you just might make a great teacher!

If you’re a senior creative, we’d love to find a class that’s a good fit for you to teach, or even develop a new class if you have one in mind!

We also offer an industry-leading TA program to help our students grow their skills faster. If you’re a mid-level creative who’d like to gain teaching or Creative Direction skills, ask us about being a TA at book180.

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to talk about teaching or TAing.

Book180 Student Growth

We know we’re the new kids on the block.

So we’re leaning heavy into word-of-mouth referrals as we get our program geared up for the ultimate selling factor: great portfolios and star alumni.

But it’s asking a lot to have people do the leg-work for us without any incentives. So to show how grateful we are for your help in spreading the word, we’re offering cash bonuses!

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Email us to learn more and get involved with our Student Growth Initiative

Campus Ambassador Program

Email us to learn how to be a book180 campus ambassador at your current alma mater. Brand ambassadors are paid to pass out swag, help connect us to campus social media accounts (like your school dance team!), and help us set up presentations with relevant clubs (writing club, ad clubs, design clubs, art clubs, you name it!).

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Student Referral Bonuses

If you know Sarah and Francesca, you know they’ll deliver a quality portfolio program. So recruiters—tell young applicants about our fast, affordable program. Industry friends— tell everyone from your colleagues to your family members to your roommates about us. Every time someone you talked to is accepted to and attends book180, we’ll Venmo you $315. Just remind them to mention your name when they apply!?

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Ad Club Intros Bonuses

Send an email introducing us to your current or past advertising professors or ad club presidents to set up a talk with their club or advertising class. Once the talk is set, we’ll Venmo you $60.

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2 Right Angles Podcast

2 Right Angles is an online video podcast series where there are no wrong perspectives.

Just two leading creative professionals discussing the latest advertising news, campaigns, industry initiatives and critiquing a junior portfolio every episode.

If you want to be a guest on the show or have your junior portfolio featured, shoot us an email!

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