And The (Cannes Lions) Winner Is...
January 10, 2024

And The (Cannes Lions) Winner Is...

Art Direction Student Mila Ugryn won first place on The Brief #3 by Cannes Lions.

Sarah Latz

We couldn't be happier for Art Direction Student Mila Ugryn and her team: Udo Nery, Abigail McGraw (Hellem), Natasha Lashly, Alejandro Orjuela!

These amazing advertising creatives blew us all away by winning FIRST PLACE on The Brief #3 by Cannes Lions. We're especially proud of Mila, because she just graduated from the art direction track of book180 portfolio school, and winning such a prestigious award before even landing her first job is an impressive accomplishment.

Twice a year, Cannes Lions Members have the opportunity to compete in global teams on a real business challenge set by an international non-profit organization.  The teams are a blend of experience, job roles and company type, to ensure everyone can contribute and bring their creativity to the advertising award competition. This last round was an important and challenging brief from New Zero World and Global Commons Alliance.

Thank you Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for such an incredible opportunity for our students! The students will be heading to the Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2024 to accept their award.