book180 Hosted One Club's Portfolio Night
January 10, 2024

book180 Hosted One Club's Portfolio Night

book180 Art Director Macy Gonzalez named Charleston's Portfolio Night All Star!

Sarah Latz

On May 31st, book180 was lucky enough to be Charleston's Virtual Host for Portfolio Night, the One Club's largest worldwide global portfolio review. 

We had creative directors and young creatives represented from coast to coast, and as far away as Ecuador. It truly embodied One Club’s mission of Portfolio Night being a global event where the best of the present meets the best of the years to come.

Since we were the US's only virtual review, several of the students who attended used it as a practice session before their city’s in-person Portfolio Night Review on June 1st. 

At 6pm sharp, students started filling the virtual waiting room, waiting to network with some of advertising’s best creative leaders. Many had questions about how to strategically present their best work, knowing they’d only have 15 minutes to meet with 3 reviewers! It was a night of creative speed dating. 

The students were rated on a scale of 1-10 for things like craft, originality and attitude. As the reviews heated up, it became clear that the competition was tough. And every student wanted to be named The One Club All Star, for the chance to work on a brief with other Portfolio Night winners from across the country. The winning All Star team will be awarded a trip to NYC this September for more incredible networking opportunities.

After tallying the scores, we were proud to announce that book180 Art Director Macy Gonzalez is the Charleston Portfolio Night All Star!

“I could not be more honored to be chosen as the Charleston Portfolio Night All Star through One Club for Creativity!” says Macy. “The event was incredibly impactful, giving me the opportunity to network with phenomenal advertising professionals and receive pointed feedback on my portfolio. I had the privilege of being introduced to Fritz Ewert, Charlie Higgins & Jeff Barry, who all took the time to really understand my work and give excellent advice on taking it to the next level. I am so excited for these next steps and cannot wait to meet my team of fellow all stars and collaborate on a new brief!”

Macy's book is filled with big ideas, strong activations and technical skills. And her positive, collaborative attitude shines on any team she’s put on. We're so proud of her and can't wait to watch her concept with all of the all stars around the globe.