It's Bama Rush Tok Season
January 10, 2024

It's Bama Rush Tok Season

What #BamaRush Could Mean for Advertising

Sarah Latz

We are in the thick of Rush Week at The University of Alabama, and yes, that means #BamaRush is trending again on TikTok.

Like any other normal mid-30s professional adult, I am DEEP into #RushTok.

Every night I’ve been checking in to see how my girlies Bella Grace, Isabella, Blair, and Amelia are doing. So have many others—the hashtag #BamaRush has 4.3B views on TikTok.

Like previous years, fashion takes a front seat, as the girls go through their OOTDs. I like to hear about all the latest trends in fashion and jewelry that I can’t afford because…savings. Kendra Scott is killing in, and little known brands, like The Pants Store in Alabama, are having national publicity.

But I really think this viral trend speaks to a new form of entertainment. The ability to watch a “show” from multiple characters’ perspectives, live in real time. As someone who looks to forecast advertising trends so our students at book180 can highlight them in their copywriting and art direction portfolios, I'm fascinated by the potential in this one.

Americans have always loved peaking into rare subcultures. But previously, “reality” entertainment like Tiger King, or Dance Moms, has always been highly edited and produced.

But #RushTok and the culture surrounding it, is happening right now, as we watch it. Our favorite characters of this show could get cut. The stakes are high.
What does that say about advertising? 

Right now, here are a few things I think art directors and copywriters can keep in mind as they generate ideas for their agencies and their portfolios.

1.) Brand placement is life.

2.) Brands must respond with quick, smart responses on social media to remain part of the conversation. Kendra Scott posted this video of Bama Rush favorites just yesterday.
3.) Watch for your opportunity to go viral, and let the TikTok savvy youth in the office make authentic content.
4.) A smart hashtag will let multiple influencers in your target culture curate content simultaneously. Writers: these are your new taglines.

I’d love to see more brands create authentic live entertainment around nationally recognized events. I could see Pepsi or the NFL curating a show around the season leading up to the Super Bowl. LinkedIn could gather a bunch of college grads to take us on their job hunting journey. Obscure sub culture shows would also be fun to watch. Who are the major players in Muggle Quidditch? Even The Amazing Race and The Bachelorette would be more fun if it were hosted on TikTok, we could see the player’s real discussions, trials, thoughts, OOTDs, and adventures happening LIVE, at any time.

This is a huge opportunity for branded content creators to write something completely new, but letting the content write itself. 

What would you guys want to watch unfold on TikTok?