Meet Caidyn Hutchinson: Fall 2022 book180 Student
January 10, 2024

Meet Caidyn Hutchinson: Fall 2022 book180 Student

At 19 years old, Caidyn Hutchinson is the youngest copywriting student at book180.

Luc Almeda

Nothing about Caidyn Hutchinson’s path to being the youngest copywriting student at book180 is traditional. No four year degree, no one she knows in the industry, no advertising portfolio started. But that hasn’t stopped her.

After graduating high school in 2021, Caidyn opted against the “normal” next step. Her parents preached the benefits of a bachelor’s degree when she was growing up, but after attending and graduating high school during the pandemic, Caidyn was used to nontraditional.

“It was tough explaining to my parents what book180 was and why I wanted to do it because, honestly, I wasn’t even totally sure what it was myself," Caidyn said.

She heard a mutual friend mention book180, and did her own digging to learn how they help you build a portfolio. 

“It was a gut feeling,” Caidyn said. “This wasn’t about going to school just to have fun. I wanted to get shot straight into the awesome world of advertising.”

“And I never thought I’d do anything that wasn’t fully in-person again,” Caidyn said. “But here I am, in the world’s only fully-online portfolio program, absolutely loving it.”

Though she doesn’t have the same experience as other students, she brings her own skillset to the table. No matter the situation, it’s daunting being the youngest person in the room.

The most intimidating thing was doing ice breakers at the beginning of classes in the Fall. Everyone had these cool and diverse experiences. I was self-conscious about not having the same.”

But if you’re wondering about some of Caidyn’s own cool and diverse experiences, she’s got plenty. She’s taken insane hiking trips. She’s obsessed with frogs. Once, she even became a pie eating champ. And one thing’s for certain–her writing has never been in question. 

View Caidyn's copywriting portfolio here.
Caidyn just landed a copywriting internship with Two X Four in Chicago. They're lucky to be getting a determined, fearless creative, who seeks out opportunities and dives right in as soon as possible.