Threading it Up
July 7, 2023

Threading it Up

A new social platform has launched, and we don't hate it.

Sarah Latz

So apparently Twitter and Instagram had a baby, and like 30 million others, we attended the birth yesterday.

On first glance, Threads seems fun. It aims to fight the information overload that is Twitter. And by providing a dedicated space for threaded conversations, users can focus on specific discussions without being overwhelmed by a constant stream of tweets.

But oddly, it also feels way sleeker and more digestible than Instagram. And it may be a total coincidence, but book180’s feed seems to be populated with all of our favorite names we love and follow on IG, but don’t always see with that algorithm. 

Threads looks like it’s going to be a copywriter’s fever dream. And a lot bigger than BeReal. (Because let’s face it, BeReal reminded us that we are all, always, at our desks, working.) It’s so easy to use, it almost feels like a chatroom. It’s sad that being able to open an app and actually being able to see and engage with content feels so fresh and modern, but it does.

But more than anything, what the Threads launch says to us, is that there’s still a desire for great written content, from the minds of smart, creative people. Users still want to engage with others. Like Gossage said, “People read what interests them; and sometimes it's an ad."

Brand managers will have to be on their toes, post relevant, entertaining copy, and engage in meaningful ways. That’s an awful hard thing to ask of ChatGPT.

And it also shows us that in this business, we'll have to keep adapting to new platforms. Many of us remember the first time brands could join Facebook. It was the best of times. If you're too young to remember, you girls keep me young. I love you so much.

But before long, everyone's parents will be on Threads, and something new will be out. In your career, force yourself to stay on top of the new technology. You want to stay fresh and nimble, and you want to be able to understand the ideas the more junior teams are bringing.

Anyways, hit book180 up on Threads.