Typefaces book180 Art Directors Love
April 1, 2024

Typefaces book180 Art Directors Love

Try one of these 4 fonts in your next project.

Sarah Latz

As we near the end of our Fall 2023 semester, we asked our Art Director grads what their favorite typeface were, and why? We loved the fonts they chose. So if you're looking for some new design inspiration for an upcoming project, take a look at these top picks from our talented art directors.

Zoe Bendoff

"I'm currently obsessed with Kobe from V-J type. I'm trying to pitch it to my boss to purchase for her new band logo. It's so playful and sleek!"

Kobe by V-J type

Anthony Gosling

"I’m a big fan of geometric typefaces. Dygn uses negative space beautifully without sacrificing legibility."

Dygn by TYPO72TYPO

Carol Lee Diallo

At the moment my favorite typeface is Glodok. I love using it to write in all caps because it's thick and bold but has some motion to it.

Glodok by Adobe Font
Glodok by Adobe Font

Anna Margarites

I don't get the op to use it much, but I'll stand by Helvetica! It's a classic and is so incredibly versatile. It exists everywhere in our everyday environments! The book "Homage to a Typeface" really opened my eyes to the prevalence of the font!